Wild Things

8 out of 10



This is an exceptional thriller with twists, so audacious and unexpected that you could literally hear gasps from the audience. To achieve this, Executive Director Kevin Bacon and his team used two stunningly clever and original ploys. Firstly, they made different parts of the film look like run-of-the-mill genres. For instance, the movie starts off looking like a mindless Bay-Watch-In-The-Everglades, complete with busloads of bikini-clad High School kids and a trite dialogue - then WHAM! - as the story changes entirely in seconds, so does the movie`s entire style. Gone are the sweeping camera shots and the politically correct platitudes, and instead, up pops Bill Murray as a penniless, incompetent lawyer. Secondly, just to ensure you`re completely thrown off the scent, they cast top actors for many of the minor plot roles and minor ones for the key ones, making all the red herrings bite like piranha!

Surprises Never Stop, An Ace Film

Film Critic: Robert L Thompsett